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CC-CleanTech is an independent consulting and project management firm focused on energy and sustainability. As an Owner's Representative, we assess the operating environment and recommend appropriate technologies, systems, and products. From commercial power generation to sustainable construction practices to innovative environmental management, we want to assist you in maximizing the return on your investment.

CC-CleanTech is focused on three areas of expertise:

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

The world's power generation landscape is ever-changing. Project developers must manage the combination of emerging technologies with evolving financial and regulatory constraints. We are technology-independent project and program management specialists, implementing appropriate systems for the development of energy projects such as wind, solar, biomass, and hydrokinetics.

Sustainable Construction

By implementing appropriate products and systems, we can help you decrease operating energy costs while also improving long-term health and sustainability.

Focused on commercial buildings, we can analyze and improve specific areas of your structure as well as manage an entire LEED certification.

At the end of the day, being clean isn't only good for the environment but also for shareholder value.

Environmental Management

It's more than just recycling. Innovative solutions can minimize the impact of waste on the bottom line as well as the environment.

From customized waste management programs for your business or municipality to large-scale waste-to-energy projects, properly implemented solutions can save money and even become revenue generators.